I finally received my new camara from a Kickstarter project I backed in 2014… it is a 4×5 view camara (uses 4″x5″ sheet film, colour or b&w), and the photo on the left, with the bellows expanded, shows the pinhole lens that came with it; the photo on the right has the 90mm Ilex wide angle lens I purchased second-hand from Blue Moon Camera in Portland, OR.

It’s a semi-rainy day here in OR, but I think I need to go out and shoot some scenes…

p.s. i was going to call this post ‘The Shootist’, but I refuse to detract from the awesomeness that is JOHN WAYNE!

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Patience… or lack thereof


I like pinhole photography.
The only bad part is that I have to do time exposures, and I am not a patient person.
This is from River Forks Park, Douglas County, Oregon… beautiful country.
I used a LenoxLaser pinhole lens on a Canon EOS Rebel T2i.

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visited 22 nation states in the World (9.77%) []

hm, did not realise i have not been to any places on the African continent…

visited 22 states (9.77%)

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